May 15, 2015

Bliss Prema

Bliss Prema is author of The Conscious Evolver. Bliss is living in her purpose. Check out the interview for the surprising, yet simple advice she gives for finding yours.

Q. Before we get started, can you please give us a little bit of information about who you are and what you do?

That’s such a loaded question. My name is Bliss Prema. I was born with that name. My mom gave it to me when I was born. Prema was given to me by a swami at an ashram. Who I am is actually what I try to be the most in the world and that’s to be bliss, which is happiness, and ‘prema’ means love.

What I do for a day-to-day kind of thing is that I’m a mother of two beautiful little goddesses, one 19 month-old and one 6 year-old. They keep me very busy at home and I have a beautiful husband as well too so that’s lovely.

What I have most recently stepped into is being an advocate of the human soul. In the past 15 years, what I’ve been doing is giving and teaching Indian Head Massages. I’m a Reiki master so I’ve been sharing the gift of Reiki with many people as well too, which is a way that you can heal yourself and others using energy.

I’m also the author of a book called The Conscious Evolver, which is an eight-step formula for people to be able to work through any aspects of their life that maybe isn’t working so well for them or isn’t necessarily positive. To top it all off, I’m in the process of writing a memoir. It’s called I am Bliss, Memoir of a Messenger. That’s something else that I’ve also just recently stepped into as sort of owning that life mission of being a messenger.

I think that might sum it all up.

Q. Can you tell us how you would define the words “soul purpose”? what does that mean to you when you hear it? 

That’s a great question, thank you. II know I’m not alone in that when I was very young I felt a very strong purpose. I felt a very strong destiny. I felt just this intense desire in me to get something accomplished and I wasn’t sure what that was. But whatever it was, it definitely has motivated me and pushed me forward my whole life. For that, I’m very grateful.

What I’ve come to learn about, even just the word Soul Purpose, is that it actually creates quite a bit of pressure on people because we’re born with this instinct that we need to bring something into this reality or become something of ourselves that’s bigger than we can possibly imagine but yet we’re not sure what that is.

As time goes on, if you’re unsure of what that big Soul Purpose is, it can actually become self-defeating because if you can’t find the answer, if it’s not right there in front of you and all of a sudden you’re past your teens and in your 20s and you still haven’t found the big Soul Purpose, and then you’re in your 30s, and then 40s and 50s—I can’t tell you how many people have been sobbing in front of me because they haven’t found their Soul Purpose yet.

The big revelation actually happened for me when I was in Hawaii. My husband and my daughter who was three at the time decided to go camping on the beaches for three months. It was while I was on the beach that I started to have this big fear that I wasn’t contributing. I realized that we have so much pressure on us to become something, to contribute, and to find our Soul’s Purpose that I actually just needed to peel away those layers and to kind of get rid of that pressure.

Once I was down to base zero or what I call as a “Conscious Evolver” after you deconstruct, you’re in emptiness and void—it wasn’t until that I was there that I realized that I had actually accomplished my Soul’s Purpose many, many, many times in my life.

For example, graduating high school is a Soul’s Purpose. I had to glean all that information and I had passed with great grades. I had given everything up and moved to Whistler all by myself and that was my Soul’s Purpose at that time. I can literally trace through all these different moments, experiences, and decisions in my life where I had actually accomplished and achieved my Soul’s Purpose. But we’re so hard on ourselves that we never give ourselves credit for that.

What I came to learn as a Conscious Evolver was that if you have a beautiful relationship with your mom or your dad, you’ve accomplished your Soul’s Purpose. If you have a career that you love and you’re super happy, that can be your Soul’s Purpose. Anything that’s been positive for your life, anything that fills you with love and makes you feel happy, that can be a Soul’s Purpose. In The Conscious Evolver, I call it “Higher Purpose.” We can constantly achieve Higher Purpose. We’re in this constant evolution of attaining and being in a celebratory and victorious state of finding our Soul’s Purpose.

It’s not static, easily-defined, two sentence definition.

But, see, I think that that’s where things get kind of complicated if you try to say the soul is this, first of all, complete mystery. But as I imagine the soul to be is this entire vast beautiful form of energy that connects us to every other life form here on the planet. To say that our Soul’s Purpose can just be defined with one action or one choice or one decision, I think that that’s really limited. I believe that the soul is completely unlimited.

I think the Soul’s Purpose is definitely, constantly evolving. I think that makes it a lot less pressure to give ourselves credit for what we have achieved. But then it lets us continue to work for it, to finding more Soul Purpose and more Soul Purpose and Higher Purpose and another one and just collecting all of that joy and victory and celebration into our little basket that we call the “soul.”

Q. The next question that I have may not fit but I’m going to ask it anyway to see what you think. My question to you then is: Do you know what your purpose is? Do you know what your soul purpose is?

That’s beautiful. When you asked me at the beginning what I do and who I am and all that, I was able to slip in a few of my Soul’s Purposes in there.

I was given a beautiful Soul Purpose with my name. Just the word ‘bliss’ has a lot of really positive energy. One of my Soul Purposes that I realized when I was younger was that by choosing to be a vessel of positivity had a really beautiful effect. I could watch it rippling out to people just by smiling at them. Just smiling is such beautiful medicine. I would say that as a child, I recognized that one of my Soul Purposes, just to be a conduit of happiness, positivity, and to radiate that out as much as I possibly could.

When I was in my teens, I decided that I really wanted to help others. So the education that I took and the work that I did, like the personal work, was all geared on helping others. Even though I didn’t recognize it at the time, that was a Soul Purpose which has then developed into my 20s and 30s as becoming a healer. In my teens, I would never have thought, “Oh my gosh, I’ve got my Soul Purpose. I want to help others.” Now that I’ve matured, I could see that that was the seed that I was starting to nourish, that has now bloomed into a pretty little flower.

Q. Do you think that everybody has a soul purpose?

Yeah, absolutely. Again though, I don’t think it has to be something profound or dramatic. It can be something as simple as, say, a person in their past life just hasn’t been able to reconcile with a parent figure; so their Soul Purpose in this lifetime is to learn how to forgive their parents, not necessarily condone an action that is awful, but perhaps just to be able to forgive them and to still send them love. Maybe that’s their Soul Purpose in this life. That could be the hardest thing in the world for them but to actually be able to achieve that, how beautiful. That would be a beautiful Soul Purpose.

Q. Can you give us a little bit more information on how you got clear on what your Soul Purpose is, what that process looked like for you? You gave a little bit of information about sort of the three months in Hawaii on the beach which was just beautiful. Can you elaborate a little bit more on what that process was like?

That’s a really good question because everything that I’ve said so far is that soul’s Purposes could be the minutest thing and it can be the most profound thing. I’ll talk about the Messenger Soul Purpose because I think that that one’s one of the most fun ones to share right now.

When I was in my dreams—actually let me backtrack one step. I’m a really, really strong dreamer. From when I was a child, I’ve had very, very prolific and very vivid dreams. I noticed I think when I was 4 that one of my dreams actually came true the next day. I kind of was tapped into that that was one of my gifts from a very young age.

When I was in my teens, I actually had a visit from angels in my dreams. It was a lucid dream. For anyone that doesn’t know what a lucid dream is, a lucid dream is as real in that reality as it is in this reality but you’re actually aware of two different bodies. You’re lying in bed and you can feel your body in bed but yet you are also somewhere else and you can totally feel that realm too. I had three messenger angels come visit me in my dream. That was my first clue of the word ‘messenger.’ Year after year, somehow the word ‘messenger’ would just keep coming to me in such a visceral way that it’s hard to ignore.

The way that humans have treated messengers in the past has maybe not been so nice. If you think of Joan of Arc or Jesus or John Lennon, we don’t have a very good history of people that have a message when it comes to peace and love and happiness. The concept scared me and frightened me. I’m 41 now and I have to say I’ve been asking the question probably a million times like, “Okay, I get it. I’m a messenger, but what does my message need to be?” Literally for 41 years, I’ve been unclear of how to be a messenger.

Literally just a month ago after I was doing a belly fit class, I asked for the millionth time, “Okay universe, you know I’m here. I’m in service to you. What is my message?” For the first time, I actually heard “Bliss, your whole life is our message.” That’s when it hit me that every experience that I’ve had that has been so traumatic and tragic and with the ability to shatter my soul, my ability to overcome it and still remain positive and happy and loving, that’s my message. That’s an example. 41 years later, I finally had the aha moment.

I would say that in accompaniment with listening to the signs and symbols and kind of having a clue that something might be my Soul Purpose, there was definitely an aha moment for me where everything finally came into alignment and I felt the strength and the courage and the determination in order to step into that Soul’s Purpose and to say without any fear in my heart that I am a messenger and that I’m okay with that now. It feels really good to be so clear and to have distraction now even though it took almost 40 years to figure it out.

Q. In terms of your purpose, knowing that you’re living in it, how do you know?

That’s a really good question. I’ve always been a believer of signs and symbols. One of the things that I was most clear on when I was young was to follow the signs and symbols. The way that I explained that is I imagine that there’s our reality and then there’s another reality, kind of like lucid dreaming.

There’s people on this other side that are 100% rooting for us and just support us and love us. If you want to call it Angels, Ascended Masters, your Higher Self, you can call it whatever you want to call it. I believe in it all and none of them at the same time. I just imagine that there’s this team of people that are on this other side and they’re rooting for me and they so want me to succeed.

Their way to communicate with me is by using signs and symbols. I’m really, really consciously looking for them and I find them in the simplest ways but it always feels very magical, through nature, looking at numbers, license plates. It’s that little conversation that comes out, that there’s people walking beside you and you’ve just posed a question and they answer it, or somebody out of nowhere comes up and just gives you exactly what you need at that moment.

When I feel like I’m in the flow of my Soul’s Purpose, a lot of the signs and symbols are really obvious to me and they really helped guide me in my choices and my decisions as I flow through life. That would definitely be a key of that. I really feel connected to the signs and the symbols when I am living in my Soul’s Purpose. I would love to be able to say that it’s a constant joy-fest when you’re in your Soul’s Purpose but I don’t think that would completely be realistic.

I just recently video-taped the introduction to the book that I’m writing called I am Bliss: Memoir of a Messenger. That was the first time that I (1) clearly said that I’m a messenger and also (2) I spoke very, very into camera that I want sexual abuse to end, I want domestic violence to end. That was a really big step, not that I haven’t spoken about it before, but never in such a big way.

I’ve always wanted to share what’s happened to me in my life. I’ve been doing it a lot one-on-one and always with the intention that if I could help just one person, heal what’s happened to them or to actually speak up and have that person serve time. That was sort of my goal. If this was really big for me, I would love to say that it was just easy but it wasn’t. For a week leading up to that, I went through every crazy negative emotion possible. It was really scary. It was a scary place to be even though I knew that it was my Soul’s Purpose. It’s not always a joy-fest. But now in the reflection, I look at where I was in that week before I released the video and I was able to call out to my community.

There’s a group of women that I’ve created 10 years ago now called “The Goddess Gatherings” and there are 300 women in Vancouver, 100 women Victoria, women in Ireland, Paris, and Australia. I was able to send out an e-mail to our group and just say “Hey, look I’m really feeling low right now. I need support.” Just to have all these beautiful women friend me on Facebook, send me e-mails, send me text messages, and just feeding me and feeding me and feeding me; even though I thought I was in a low, just to have all these beautiful souls just wrapping their arms around me and giving me love, that’s being in the flow of your Soul Purpose even though I didn’t realize it at the time that there was more lessons before while I was in the process.

Q. What do you feel is the impact as it relates to your finances and living in one’s purpose? Do we have to choose between money and purpose, what are your thoughts on that? There’s a lot of sort of conversation on this particular topic and I’d love to know what you think.

Yeah, that’s a really good question as well. These are really good questions, love. I’ll just backtrack a little bit because I think it’s important. Some people might say that it’s been easy for me to live in my Soul’s Purpose because it just so happens that my husband works as a consultant and makes a phenomenal salary.

He has encouraged me to step into my Soul’s Purpose and it’s been lovely because I’ve been able to do that without any fear or negative reciprocal energy coming at me. I’ve been very fortunate. I also think that that’s part of being in my Soul’s Purpose, that I did attract someone where I wouldn’t ever have to worry about money.

That being said, there’s been quite a few times in our relationship, in our marriage, where I’ve actually encouraged him to not work because it’s not healthy for him and ultimately what I would love is for both of us to be doing the healing work, the writing, and the workshops because I feel that that’s his Soul’s Purpose as well as what he’s doing. We have been very fortunate financially but because I am following my Soul’s Purpose, there’s always been money. It’s never been an issue.

When I was doing Indian Head Massages, they were booked two months in a row or two months in advance. It’s beautiful. Whenever I book a workshop, I’ll just say to the universe, “Universe, we need to pay for the babysitter and the studio so it would be really great if we could have one or two more people.” Literally the day before the workshop, somebody will sign up. I think it’s all about trusting that you’re in the flow as well too and trusting that you will be taking care of when you are in service.

When we haven’t gone away as well too. The first time that it happened, Seamus was in a job that was very toxic. I created a mantra that basically was, “Universe, please remove Seamus from his job in a way that won’t affect us negatively in our finances.” Crazy random. Basically, I’m asking the universe to get my husband out of his job but in a way that’s not going to hurt us financially. The thing about manifesting is that you don’t worry about that, “Oh my God, how is that actually going to happen? Because that’s kind of inconceivable.”

Well, within three months, the whole company closed down and he got a massive severance. That was my constant mantra, that was my manifestation, and we took this large sum of money and we went and we lived on the beaches in Kauai for three months. Even when he’s not working as a consultant, we’re still in the flow, we’re still following our Soul’s Purpose and the Universe is still taking care of us. I trust in that so much, I really do and I think that that’s hugely important.

The next time that he started getting into kind of a toxic work experience, I put him on the couch and I just said, “Babe, this isn’t working. You’re not yourself anymore and frankly, I don’t really like you right now. You need to take some time off.” “How are we going to afford that?” of course is his first question and I said, “Well, let’s look at our overhead.” Our overhead is so high. We’re living in a mansion in the Rocklands, which is one of the nicest areas in Victoria. Our daughter goes to private school. I’m like, “Let’s just bring it all down. Let’s deconstruct all that massive overhead.”

So we made some really drastic changes in our life. We moved to Sydney and we got this smaller house that’s a third the price of our rent. Our daughter goes to public school now and my husband was able to take off December, January, February, and March with all the money that we’ve saved. It’s trusting and relying on the Universe but also taking action and realizing that you don’t need fancy clothes, fancy house. That’s not who defines us, that’s not who we are and that’s not what makes us happy. What makes us happy is me being able to look at my husband and go, “Oh yeah, there’s my hot ever stud that I love deeply in bed and now he’s back.” That’s what’s most important.

Money, finances, and being in your Soul’s Purpose. I think if it’s slow to start, just live accordingly. As Seamus says, “Cut your cloth to measure.” I started off renting a room in a house with seven other people and that’s what worked. I was still totally abundant. I’ve had all the extremes and I’ve definitely been lucky but I also believe that that luckiness comes from honoring the universe, trusting the universe, and being in service to the universe.

Q. What’s a decision or action that you took consciously to get you on course that, looking back, you would definitely make again?

Well, the first thing that comes to mind is just education. I think the first part is to acknowledge that you have a need for something or that you’re resonating with something in particular. For me, I was working as an agent in Vancouver; I had a hundred actors on my roster that I loved. They were amazing, things were really looking up. I was flying first class to New York, staying at the Trump Towers. I was making a phenomenal salary but I had a dream message that said, “You’re a great agent but it’s not your purpose.”

I had been doing yoga regularly and I received an Indian Head Massage. When I received the Indian Head Massage, I knew right away that it was something that I wanted to do. It was magical, it was powerful, and it seemed less like a massage and more like a Soul Activation. Right away, it was like, okay, even though I love what I’m doing and I’m successful at it, it didn’t feel like 100% my soul was happy. I was very happy and I was very good at it but I’ve always been very spiritual and that aspect of my life was just sort of the same that I have. I had one foot in the boat of spirituality and one foot in the boat of the material reality. I really just needed to step entirely over to spirituality.

I got training. I learned where this girl was or where she had gotten her training and it was down in San Marcos, Guatemala. I gave my two months’ notice and I used the money that I had been making and I flew down to Guatemala and literally met Seamus the next day and learned how to give the Indian Head massage. I had already gotten right Reiki level 1. Seamus just happens to be a Reiki Master so I got Reiki level 2 with him while we were travelling. I realized that I loved doing yoga so I wanted to be a yoga teacher so I went and got the training.

I think it’s important that once you feel that calling or you find something that you really love, that you just take that step further and you do receive the education and the knowledge and the training so that you can step out into the world and share what you love. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Q. I think we touched a little bit on feeling encouraged by your community just before you did the video promo. But in terms of that drastic action that you took, two months’ notice, changing careers and going to a third world country, that’s big. Did you feel encouraged or discouraged by your community in taking that action?

That’s a good question, that’s a really good question because I had been fostering these 100 actors for two and a half years. I loved them all deeply and I really felt that I had helped mold and sculpt them into even better versions of themselves. It was definitely heartbreaking in a way to have to let them all know that I was moving on. But I think because I had fostered such good relationships with each and every one of them—and that took a lot of work and time. I was very dedicated.

When it came time to actually move on, I still have all the cards that they wrote me and I was just reading through them the other day. They were all just really supportive. I think they could sense that there was more for me to do. They were obviously sad and didn’t want me to go but they all understood that it was time to go.

My mom just wanted me to be safe but she was used to me leaving and going to third world countries by myself. She was kind of used to that but of course any mother would be scared about that.

I would say that was really who my community was at the time would be my actors. I used the word ‘heartbreaking’ just because it is so nice to have a community and you love them but it’s important to know that there’s always going to be new community on the other side and ones that are resonating with who you are. this new version of you. They’ll be more like-minded and be able to share with you and teach you as well so that it’s reciprocal.

Q. Can you explain your perspective on relationship to purpose and work? Can they be separate?

Well, I think the world that we live in definitely wants them to be. The movie Divergent has that concept where everybody is in five different groups based on their personalities. That seems like an easy way to allow people to have their work and their Soul’s Purpose be combined but it seems quite limiting at the same time, hence the divergent who has all five factors.

It’s hard for me to say that because I’ve always followed my bliss. I’ve always stayed somewhere if I love it and moved on if I don’t love it. For example, when I was in high school, I wanted to help others so I decided I wanted to be a police officer. I went to college and I got the training, graduated at the top of my class so gung-ho, started working in the Vancouver Police Department during 9/11. I was there for nine months and I realized that it was not what I wanted at all even though I was making great $25 per hour-pay. That’s amazing, first job out of college. It just wasn’t feeding my soul. It was not where I was meant to be so I left.

I started for a dot-com company and I got a massive amount of shares and a great salary. But a few years into that, I realized that that wasn’t me or that business didn’t work for me. Then I got a job as an agent and I loved that and I was good at that but it wasn’t quite it either. Then I became a yoga teacher and giving Indian Head Massages and that was amazing. Then I realized I could go even further with that and become a teacher.

For me, I think it’s really important to merge your work with what you love or else, how are you going to maintain happiness? How are you going to do it? How do you keep a smile on your face? I don’t think I can live my life going nine-to-five to a job that I feel my soul is dead. I just couldn’t do it. I would think that there’s got to be someone out there that actually would love to do it because that’s what they love doing. Here I am taking up space, not loving something that I do when there’s somebody out there that would actually really love to do it.

I think it’s important to merge work with what we love to do, if you’re not happy, to keep moving and to always strive and work towards merging and finding what makes you happy and what you love. That’s what I’m trying to get my husband to do, to start working and doing what he loves, not that he doesn’t love being a consultant. He’s great at it, but wouldn’t it be so much nicer if we just worked on weekends?

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer rather than him being gone for 11 hours Monday to Friday if we could do workshops together on the weekends and do one or two healings each day and be able to spend the time with children and with each other and out in nature and just live that way? Rather than having to do something for this massive salary and blah blah blah.

Q. What message would you give to someone who’s searching for their purpose in terms of advice or tips or just anything that you would like people watching this to know?

Yes, absolutely. What I would say is don’t despair. If you have that fire burning inside of you and you haven’t found the big revelation or the big aha moment, do not let it become a pressure that can turn into a negative energy for you. Try to use that energy as a force that propels you forward and follow your bliss. Look for things that make you happy and follow that. That’s a really good sign and symbol. To just not despair; if it takes a little while, don’t give up.

Also, to give yourself a little bit more credit for what you have achieved and you have accomplished in your life and to maybe take some time to reflect on what you have gone through in your life and to give yourself some positive encouragement for the Higher Purposes that you have achieved so far. What are the positive things that you have achieved? High school, good relationships, good friendships, doing things that you love, your positive attitude, anything like that. Just make sure that you’re giving yourself credit for achieving those Higher Purposes and allowing yourself to be in that moment of celebration and victory and to hold on to that moment, as well to hold on to that energy as well too.

My belief is that the soul has many purposes and that the soul is very vast. To try and not contain it into one Soul Purpose, that is this big deal that there’s lots of room for lots of purpose in that beautiful soul of yours.

Q. If one wanted to get more information on Indian Head Massage or Reiki, where is the best place to find you or your book also?

For Indian Head Massage, Reiki, and The Conscious Evolver, you can go to my website The book is forthcoming but there is a pre-order page at So if you’d want to preorder the book, that would be lovely as well too.