October 2, 2014

Amy Oscar

Amy Oscar is a Soul Caller. Watch the interview to find out what that means and hear her unique experiences and perspective over 25 years with her purpose.

Q. Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do for work right now?

Sure. I would say I wear 2 hats right now. In one sort of realm of my work, I am a soul caller. I developed a program called the Soul Caller Training. Actually, I am a soul caller in all the realms. But in this one realm I teach other people to work with the principles of self-empowerment, self-awareness, but mostly to live with an awareness of what world this actually is that we are living in. And to interact with that world as love—that you are love, it is love. That is the main realm that I am working in.

The other one is I am a magazine editor. I edit My Guardian Angel column for Doreen Virtue in Woman’s World Magazine, which is kind of how I got started on this wacky soul caller journey myself.

And as I worked with you, I also do one-on-one counselling with people to help them find their purpose.

Q. How would you define a soul purpose? What does it mean to you when you hear it?

That is a wonderful first question, because we have to ask, ‘What is a soul?’ We have to ask, ‘What does purpose mean?’‘Does purpose mean what use am I?’ ‘Why was I born?’ What do we mean by that question? ‘Is my soul separate from me?’ ‘Does it have a purpose for me?’

A lot of people when they start looking for their purpose, start looking outside of themselves and start asking questions like, ‘What does the divine want from me?’ ‘What does God want from me?’ ‘Why was I put here?’ as if that is an externalized conversation.

From my perspective, the purpose of every human being is to open 2 things: one, a space, as Abraham Hicks might say “vortex”—a space in the world with your energetic imprint on it. But at the foundation of that every energetic imprint is the essential journey that every human being makes from disconnection to connection, from being knocked out alignment by life knocking us around back into alignment with our own—what you’re calling purpose I think. So for me, it’s really an energetic conversation that we are having.

When we say, ‘I can help you find your soul purpose,’ what we are really saying is I can help you connect with that which is inside of you, which is connected to that which is outside of you and align those two things together so that they resonate as one. Because all spiritual teachings come down to that: “I and the Divine are one.”

All spiritual—all religions, all gurus, all spiritual paths lead first to the discovery of God and the world around you; the worship for a while of that; and then the discovery of the Divine in you; and the surprise and delight of that; also the humility that that brings, that that which I worship is also in me; and of course the terror of that which comes.

There is a kind of smoothing out time that I think we come to with spiritual maturity where we realize we were always that, that we’re everything we look upon. And then in some way, we’re the architects and co-creators of this mirror world that we sit at the center of and interact with what I call the “call-and-response universe.”

That is my long answer to that little question.

Q. Given the definition of soul purpose that you have given, do you know what your purpose is?

I would say I am getting there. I think that the way that I teach people to look for purpose is to scan back through the activities and experiences that you had that felt most resonant for you, where you felt most aligned with that quality of joy, that quality of open-heartedness.

Looking there first, if I scan back my own biography, it is always been when I was a teacher or interacting with a teacher as a student. This teacher is sort of umbrella for me, of my soul purpose. But I really have come to the sense that I am a soul caller; that is my purpose. That my purpose is to explain what I’ve received through holographic download, through dreams—I get stuff. I see energy, I read energy. And I did not always, but I do now.

My purpose is to attune to what I see and know more and more clearly everyday and to do the best that I can to articulate that. So in that way I am also an author. Teacher, author, soul caller, and mom, pal.

We are all so many things.

One of the things that we do in my workshops, especially my advanced work Soul Caller Lab, which people take second, is finding—because we can all say, ‘Well, I am a teacher, I am magazine editor, and I am a writer, and I am a blogger, and I am a mother, and I am a wife, and I am a daughter’ and we can get confused about all these different hats that we wear. And I can name 10 more of mine.

I had a very wise teacher once say to me ‘If you could only have 1 basket and you had to put all those things in that 1 basket, what would that basket be? What would hold all that?’ And he and I came up with a very humble soul purpose of “prophet.” And I say that with real humility, that what prophets do is we bring through spiritual guidance for others. So in that way I work toward that—I worked toward being capable of that basket, that larger basket, but that seemed to be the work that I am called to do. And there are many people working that path right now. You’d see them more and more. As more people awaken, we want to share what we see.

And I’m going to answer one more way. I also think that “wounded healer” is a basket that I could put myself into. Through my own challenges, my own hurt, and then my exploration of that crawling around inside the wound and working on that with others, I discover a great deal that I can then use to share and help others. Two noble paths that I aspire to.

Q. Do you feel that everybody has a soul purpose?

Of course. If you didn’t, you would not be here. I know you do.

Q. How then did you get clear on what your soul purpose is? What was that process like for you?

Lots of working with counsellors, lots of writing things out, lots of looking at what came toward me from the world, and meeting it from whatever space I was standing in at that time, and noticing what results that delivered to me.

If you came toward me from the world in anger and I came back with anger toward you, that did not feel good to me.

So that helped me align to what feels good to me, and helped me through the experience of “call-and-response.” You come toward me with a call, I response, how does that feel, that feels a certain way. That feeling is yet another call from inside to maybe be a little more kinder next time, or to choose different words. And so step by step, inch by inch, year by year I come to this.

But I have had many great teachers as well, and I would be happy to name some of them but the conversation that each of us is having is always guided, even if we do not actively seek out a teacher or seek out a spiritual guide, or seek out an angel. We are being guided from within and the world outside of us is guiding us all the time.

And you can think of it as, even if you do not believe in spirituality at all, if you do not believe in God or angels or any of that, you can just look at the way that a loud noise guides you to cringe, or pain guides you to call the doctor. All of these, all sensations, all input from the world is guidance, and then it is up to us to receive that and interpret that fact.

Q. Are you living in your purpose every day? And if you are, how do you know?

That would make me perfect, wouldn’t it? That question is a leading question. It is tricky because there is no way that I’m—

I am in touch with my purpose everyday because I can see how out of—I want to stop using the word “alignment” because that is not quite the accurate word that I am feeling for—because I take the time before I go into my day to sort of attune to all of that “who I am,” I wake up and kind of check in to—it is not, ‘Who am I today?’ Not like that. But more like, ‘Who am I all the time?’

We all wake up from sleep, we sort of inventory from the dream world. Our eyes open, and we’re like, ‘Oh yes, I am in a body.’ ‘Oh yes, my name is Amy.’ ‘Oh yes, I live in New York.’ Kind of we have to drop back in to present time. At that moment, I am also checking with this, “I am”self that knows who I really am and kind of planning my day to harmonize with that.

Am I always in perfect harmony with this call? That would assume that if I were, my life would be working perfectly and everything would be great and I would have incredible abundance all the time and everyone would love me. That is what the question really wants to know. Right?

Q. That is possible, right?

Well, I think it is possible to be happy all the time. Let me say this way. It is possible to be happy all the time with the understanding that you may be sobbing but also sort of from a centered, whole place, really feeling your emotions, really feeling your life fully.

So, I use “happy” maybe in a different way than other people might, but I think it is possible to be in touch with that which I am all the time in such way that when I am not in touch, when something knocks me out from that connection, I feel it right away, and I have the tools to get back to it.

Q. Can you give us your perspective on the link between purpose and money? Do we have to choose between passion and profit? Can we get both? What do you think?

I do not like to link them, honestly. I do not like to link them. I think that some of us will find our path of purpose. The classic example is Mother Teresa where you take a vow of poverty yourself, and you give all that you have to others. So, is that abundance?

We have to talk about what abundance means. Do we even need abundance anymore, in this world where most people in the Western have enough to eat, enough to drink clean water? Pretty much most of us have safe comfortable housing. In that world, do we need more than that? Or do we enough to meet our needs? And not just at a basic subsistence level – but enough to meet our needs so that we can do the work that we feel called to do without the stress of the bill collector banging at the door, or the stress of where I am going to sleep tonight.

So I am starting to work from a perspective that I need enough and a little more. But we could say ‘I need enough plus chocolate, I need enough plus yoga class.’ There are few things that I feel I need a little more than enough to make me feel a little special but beyond that—Do I need $18 million in the bank? Only if I can use it to apply to the purpose that we are talking about. Only if I can use it to uplift.

By the way, I haven’t even named my purpose. I named my roles. But those two roles that I named (wounded-healer and prophet) are aligned with this purpose, which is to raise the vibration and quality of the planet. It’s a big gap.

And I am not doing it by myself. We are all doing it. That’s what this whole idea of the Soul Caller is, the one who opens up their eyes one day and stands up out of their chair that they have been sitting in, wondering what their purpose is and says ‘I know’ and they stand up. And maybe they turn the TV off. Maybe they don’t go on Facebook as often. And they start to get out in the world and actually do the thing that they feel called to do, because they can’t help it.

That is purpose. And that comes from inside of you. Not from one day you hear an angel tap you on the shoulder or tap you on the ear and say, ‘Oh by the way, we have not told you yet, but you have been a good girl and you’ve lived by all the proper rules. And now you get to know your purpose. Go start a wellness center.’ It doesn’t work like that. So we become our purpose by doing our purpose.

Q. What is a decision that you have made in the past to get you on course that you will take again?

I quit my day job. I would definitely do that again. It worked out fine. I did that out of the sense of ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and do the thing that’s calling me more powerfully. So, I would do that again.

When I did it, what was wonderful about my experience was because I had laid the groundwork by doing my best at the job that I had, bringing my purpose which was to uplift the vibrational quality of the world, which means everywhere I am is the world. This is the world. I am sitting with you. And purpose. I am working to uplift the vibration and quality. But when I am at Starbucks, that’s still my purpose.  And if I were taking tolls on a freeway, that is still my purpose.

It does not matter what your job is. So I was already in touch with the wave of that moving through me, opening my heart, starting to call to me. And I know I could do it there. And I have been working on it there.

But then teacher part started to also call to me. And in order to write my own work and teach, I needed more time to myself. So I quit my job. And my editor said, ‘Well, you know what? We really wanted to keep you.’ So I asked if I could take the work that I do for freelance, which would give me the time. And that is what I do now.

So that worked really well. I took the risk of leaving, having laid the groundwork of doing my best already. And that gave her (editor) a chance to acknowledge the work I had done and saying, ‘We like the way you do this.’

Q. In making that choice and taking that risk, did you feel overall supported or discouraged by your distant community? Your community or how do you define that.

You mean, for example, I have this risky choice that I want to make and maybe my husband thinks it is really a bad idea—that kind of thing? Just like your family or your friends? Okay.

No. My experience was that—because I did not suddenly get up and quit one day and put my family into financial hardship. I think that is really an important distinction to make. I took my time. I’ve observed that people who are taking these risks or making these choices, that kind of look like a big sudden step to change a life, have done a lot of thinking and planning beforehand. I certainly did.

My husband and I sat down. We talked about where the money would come from. What would we do without the health insurance that I was about to lose. Could we afford to buy our own? So we planned for it for a few months. It turned out okay. In that way I also planned—that was the financial peace, because I had his support. I did not just drop it in his lap and say, ‘You fix this for me.’

I had the relationship with the people around me that I had also pre-paved. I had also done the work in the months and years leading up to my choice by taking care of my intention. My intention was clear and clean with them. So, when I made the choice, they know I was going to make it. It was not a surprise.

We thought it was a good choice. And my husband and I thought it was a good choice.  In other words, I did not decide, ‘Jim, I think I’d like to be an astronaut,’ and then expect him to support me in something that I have never shown any aptitude for whatsoever. You might say, ‘You might want to take a Science class’ if I had said something like that.

But I said, ‘I think I want to teach this stuff that I have been studying for 25 years. I think I want to teach this stuff that I used to teach before I had children. I think I am fully-trained to teach this stuff. I am ready to go. I have all the certification that I need.’ So that was part of the pre-pavingas well. So I made a big choice, a big move that felt a little risky, but it was not really risky at all.

Q. What has been emotionally hard in this journey? How did you deal with that?

There are 2 things. The hardest thing is when my own life does not work, and then I show up and I have to teach a class. I’ve really had a hard year; my father died a month ago. I’ve really had a hard year. The expectations that I had when I started teaching spiritual classes was that I would have to pretend to be perfect and spiritual all the time and that my community would expect that from me.

And so the first year was really hard for me because I had to be vulnerable. I have to let them see me suffering when I was suffering. I had to be real. And what a gift they gave to me, when I was real and they thought that was okay,that was kind of cool. And my vulnerability allowed them to show more of theirs as well.

So I think that was the hardest thing and also the greatest gift. They often go hand in hand. With launching this project, I am sure there are some of that.

The second thing is other people’s expectations coming toward me. There is an expression I use where—I do a lot of coaching of people like me who are launching spiritual communities, tribes on their own and find  themselves in that moment of, ‘Oh my God! I am being put on this pedestal and I did not quite know what to do because my—these heels are too high, and the altitude’s giving me nosebleed. I don’t like it up here.’ So I have done a lot of coaching with a lot of people like that.

What I tell people is (remember I said earlier) there is a time on their spiritual journey when you are just starting out. And for some people it’s for a long time, where the power of this Divine force that you sense in the world is outside of you in other things. It’s in God, it’s the priest, the guru, the teacher, the book, or the object. I have all these crystals behind me. A lot of people buy all the crystals and have the sense that now they use the crystals for healing without bringing any of the authority to feed and seed that crystal’s potential through themselves. Because it is really just a tool. It is really just a focusing tool, the crystal. And it’s the healer that brings the energy through.

Where I am going with that is the challenge of having people come toward you as a teacher, as a coach, with this feeling that if they touch the hem of your garment they will be healed. It is challenging because the ego gets involved. The ego wants that. The ego says, ‘Yeah, sure. Touch the hem of my garment and give me lots of money.’ So there is this game that all healers, all coaches, all gurus—in the past I would have call it a test. But now I would just call it another invitation to come back into alignment with who I really am. Because I no longer believe that there is something outside of me is testing me, ever.

Whatever out there is testing me is a projection of my own fear and my own ego story of, ‘Oh I want some of that power. Yeah. I will pretend that I have a powerful garment.’  All teachers faced that. Those are two biggest challenges for me on this path.

Q. What is different about you now that you are living your purpose versus when you worked?

Everything, of course. Everyone probably says that.

I no longer have access to how it was. I can’t remember. I no longer have access to some of the memory of who I was then. I can remember if people tell me story of how I behave or something. But a lot of that doesn’t make sense to me anymore. And the more I get on this—

It is kind of like when you are 12 and then you grow up and you are 30. And when your 30 it is hard to remember how it felt when you were 12. It is just time passing. But also, there is an energetic evolution where I have less and less access. So I’ll answer the question from that perspective and say, everything is different. And I think the most significant thing would be to say I don’t feel afraid all the time anymore.

I barely feel afraid. And when I feel afraid, (again I said) I have the tools, I notice I feel afraid which tells me the part of me that I really am, that some aspect of myself has broken off and gone outside of wholeness. Some fragmentation has taken place and I need to pull that back, put all my pieces back. As Caroline Myss would say, ‘Call my pieces back from the past. Call my pieces back from the wounds’ and re-calibrate, reorganize and stand in my wholeness again.

Q. How has your impact on the world changed?

I was just thinking about that today, actually. I‘ve had a very introspective year. And my experience just before this last part of my dad’s life, I had the experience that I had a relationship with the physical world where I could create effects in the world through prayer and through intention, through joining with others, and positive prayer to affect healing, to affect support, and to offer comfort.

I hope that makes sense, what I just said. I felt more effective before I got hit with this loss. I was just thinking about that today, how when we hurt, we turn in, we wince away from the hurting. But in this one, I want to be with my dad at full presence. So, I pulled all that effect in the world conversation that I was having. I pulled all of that sense of ‘I am here to heal the world, I am here to uplift the world,’ and I put it all in me and my dad for 4 or 5 months.

It’s a profound question to ask me at this time, because what I’m left with as he passed—what I was left with was this vacuum. By the way, it was a joyful passing. No one should feel sad for me. He was 87 years old. He lived a rich full life. I thank God his suffering ended quickly; that he went quickly. And he is here, he is everywhere, he is with me every day. I wanted to make sure if anyone has a concern about that, because so many people with their beautiful hearts, hear something like that and hurt for you. And I want to make sure, reassure you, if you feel that way that I am okay. And he is okay.

But so to answer your question, just like when my children moved out of the house. It’s is now 6 years ago, 7 years ago when they were both in college. I had the experience where I suddenly realized, all these mother energy that I hold needs to go somewhere else and I turned it toward the world. And I used to say ‘I am a mother of the world now.’ And you see where that gesture of uplifting supporting and bringing the world back into alignment with love, it’s right there in that statement, even though I did not know it then.

And I speak to all the mothers of young children, even when you’re just holding your child and comforting them and letting them know that they are loved, you’re uplifting their capacity to love. Therefore their ability to occupy their place in the world—this little 3 year old is going to grow up and be a 30 year old, and need to occupy a space in the world fully. And isn’t it wonderful if they had the experience of being held in their mother’s lap and loved fully? So they know that experience and can it bring into that vortex that they’re trying to create with them from that memory, and drop that sense experience in and reproduce it and replicate it for others.

It’s all about this vibration. It is all about bringing resonance to your own little piece of the world so that you kind of add to the resonance that the person next to you is bringing, and add to the resonance that next person. And we’re all little cells in the tissue of humanity, all vibrating together, uplifting or bringing it down. Some people are determined to bring the vibration down, out of their own sense of separation from that or their own wounded-ness. But even that we can meet as love. Love underwater. Love that got thwarted. Love that never got to sit on their mother’s lap.

It’s all love. It’s all love.

Q. Sure. What would you say are the ingredients for success or advice that you would give to someone who are searching for their soul purpose?   

Take my class and I’ll explain this more fully. Or find a path where you can expand what I am about say very quickly.

The ingredients I think would be self-awareness (of course), developing a relationship with the world around you so that you can begin to feel into what’s around you. As a real experience, not your idea of what should be there. And if it’s not the way you think it should be, an invitation to react and push it away. So that is a very complicated concept. That probably doesn’t really answer your question.

The point I am really trying to make is awakening to yourself as a real living being connected to the planet that you’re walking on, connected to the natural world of which you are a part. That would be one. In other words, becoming real. Letting yourself be real. And part of that realness is (what I described earlier) allowing the people around you to see your vulnerability and taking the masks away. Working, if need be, with a therapist, if need be with some sort of group program, some kind of sacred practice, that helps you turn within and take a look at yourself as more than a 9-to-5 employee who goes home, puts TV dinner in and watches television. You are much more than that. And you know it.

What are the ingredients? Open-heartedness, open-mindedness. Willingness  is the absolute number 1 Ingredient in the cake of you becoming whole. Willingness to at least consider change, because change is what we are afraid of. We are afraid of change and so we hold on to what is here because it’s familiar. We don’t let things change, and then we get stuck. Or we sit in our stuckness, we sit in our brokenness, and we reach for sort of into the future but from a powerless way, from a powerless reaching, of wishing, wanting to be rescued, rather than having a sense of ourselves as the author of our own story.

There is so much in that answer. You have to work on that one. That is a kind of elevator answer that I need to be able to give more simply.

Let me give you one more elevator answer. I just realized it’s right in all my work.

Meet every single thing that you encounter with this question or from this place, ‘If I were loved and that were love, how would I meet this?’‘What would love do here?’ That’s the question I would ask of every single thing that happens. So if you have an argument as you are leaving in the morning. You have an argument with your spouse in the kitchen. You catch yourself, ‘I am having an argument; I do not want to have an argument. What would love do here?’ And that includes love for yourself.

Not just what would love do here? ‘Okay honey. Forget it, it is my fault.’ Don’t do that. That is not what I mean. I mean what would love itself do here? Love would take us both in love’s lap and gently let us know that we are okay. That it’s okay to get upset. And it would acknowledge that we are stressed out because we’re racing to work and we’re late and the baby was crying last night and we didn’t get enough sleep and the bills are late. In other words love would see all that and would say, ‘That’s okay. You’re alright anyway. I see you, I love you anyway.’ That is what love would do. So I would ask that every single thing that I encounter and that would change your life.

Q. If someone watching this wanted to take your class or get any information on about how to get in touch with you, how would they do that?

They can go to amyoscar.com and all the information is there. They are always welcome to send me an email at amy@amyoscar.com or follow me on Facebook.