What can you expect to change when you live from your soul purpose?

What I have seen over and over and over with my clients – and experienced personally, and is that living from a soul purpose seems to bring out the best in us.

Vicki Purpose Blog Post QuestionIt’s like night and day – isn’t it?

But how does it work?
Those days that I make it all about me – well, I am pretty much miserable, nothing is good enough, and it seems no matter what I do (or anyone else does…) – it’s not it. Short term gratification is VERY short term.

Then when I switch to living from my soul purpose – everything changes. My focus is outwards to what I can do for others, asking myself – what can I do to move this mission that I believe God has given me – forward?

Personally, I much prefer the “me” I become when I am focused on my purpose vs how I think and behave when I am focusing on my survival, shortcomings, comparing myself to others, wishing I had what they had, blah blah blah.

Why does it work?
Why does life seem so different when we live from a soul purpose? How does it work? Knowing and living from a life purpose:

  1. Gives a focus to our life that keeps our heads way above petty irritations and annoyances. Focus on my higher purpose gives me a much bigger “problem” to focus on than the petty things that I can get obsessed with – that really, really don’t matter!
  2. Provides a whole different context for self care. Suddenly, it is not selfish to work out, but rather something I do to keep my head clear, my energy calmer, and my work more effective. What I need to do to take care of myself comes naturally, but not from a desperate place to fill a seemingly bottomless pit. Eating well, exercise, sleep – all personal care now comes from a place of higher purpose, not from a should, or beating myself into shape. It just makes sense given the “work” I am committed to.
  3. Allows us to use our unique gifts in the world to help others. As far as I know, there is nothing more rewarding than being able to use my gifts to the benefit of others.

If living from a soul purpose has so many benefits, what stops people?

Stories we have made up about it –

“I won’t make enough money, I won’t be successful, why bother, wait til I am retired, I’m not good enough, what I have to offer isn’t good enough…”

Here’s the catch – your natural gifts are so natural to you, that you can’t even see how valuable they are. It’s right there like the tip of your nose – and you can’t see it.

So of course you can’t value your own uniqueness – it’s way too obvious, too simple.

Do you know what your soul purpose is? What do you think about this article?

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Article by Vicki Fenn